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Agnes' Junk Pile
What do we have here? A young woman!
So what exactly are you looking for? Hmmmm?
Well, whatever it is, you're sure to find it here. Everything in the world you've ever cared about...
It's all right here!

You remember your labyrinth midis don't you my dear? Go ahead play them, yes...Hmmmm!

NEW! Hallucination

NEW! As the World Falls..(music box style)

NEW! TECHNO As the World Falls Down

NEW! Labyrinth Medly

(beginning to) Underground Sarah As the World Falls Down As the World Falls Down (karaoke) Home at Last Into the Labyrinth Within You (karaoke) Within You (with vocals)
Just a little note: All of these midis were made by me, I didn't 'compose them', I merely arranged them.


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Here's a story for you...Hmmmm! Go ahead, READ!
Here's a story I wrote quite a long time ago. It's eternally unfinished... any ideas on how I should end it??? I have read a huge amount about what many people think would have happened after the movie, so I won't even attempt to write something like that... here it is.

It's very important to know your way "in and out" of the labyrinth. Read my essay on the sexual allegory in the Labyrinth...

My date and I at the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade

The girl who ate the peach and forgot everything, she's made her way to Agnes' junk pile! Now she'll know everything! She must be stopped!

Go on! Make yourself up!
A few of my favorite Jennifer Connelly pics
pic #1
pic #2
pic #3
pic #4 (ahhhh!)
pic #5
pic #5
pic #6

only young women have passed through these parts...


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